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2: Understanding Ayurveda

Ayurvedic detox and learning self care are key components of listening to your body. With the help of your Ayurveda practitioner you can begin to detox and balance the body. Hosts: Christina Souza Ma and special guests Khabir Southwick. Please … Continue reading

1: Pre/Post-Surgery Diets

Pre-surgery diet is so important to your recovery. Protein, and amino acids, are among the important nutrients needed before surgery, as well as avoiding foods that will make your body dehydrated. Think about your pre-surgery diet. Hosts: Christina Souza Ma … Continue reading

0: Decoding Nutrition

Decoding nutrition and learning the ins and outs of our food. The ever changing flux of information from the scientific community our nutritionist will help us to decode nutrition. Hosts: Christina Souza Ma and special guests. Please type your questions … Continue reading