Cannabis and other Medicinal Plants

Episode #127
Jun 2, 15
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Join us in a second conversation with Jeffrey S. Block, MD, Anesthesiologist, horticulturist and Master Gardener. We will talk about the relationship between plants and humans, medications derived from botanicals and the current information on Medicinal Cannabis. Where are the scientists and researchers leading us? What are the present and future conditions being used or considered treatable by Medicinal Cannabis? What do Doctors and patients need to know about the bioethical issues? This episode will also have visual slides.

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Hosts: Dr. Glenn Wollman, Christina Souza Ma with special guest Jeffrey S. Block, M.D.. Airing on Tuesdays @ 10:30am PST (1:30pm EST)

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Jeffrey S Block

Dr. Block brings a twenty-five year history of medical and surgical clinical practice experience as a Board certified anesthesiologist in full-service practice. His educational background includes a degree major in Chemistry and minor in Psychology… Read full bio »

Glenn Wollman

Glenn Wollman, MD, has always been at the leading edge of medicine. He helped pioneer the specialty of Emergency Medicine and, at the same time, also developed and ran one of the first hospital-based Integrative Medicine programs in the Unitied… Read full bio »

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