A Tem-PLATE for Healthy Meals

Episode #72
Sep 3, 13
Podcast Episode
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Join us in an on-going dialogue with our resident health expert Tracy Harrison as we search for simple guidelines in preparing a day’s worth of dining. Avoid counting calories and weighing portions, learn when to eat and what to eat, including tips for snacking and coffee breaks.

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Hosts: Dr. Glenn Wollman, Christina Souza Ma and special guest Tracy Harrison, MS, AADP – Airing Live on Tuesdays @ 10:30am PST (1:30pm EST)

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Tracy Harrison

Tracy helps her clients to become both healthier and happier by making step-by-step, enjoyable, and long-lasting changes. Her mission: to help people to eat on purpose and to live on purpose. And she gets results. Read full bio »

Glenn Wollman

Glenn Wollman, MD, has always been at the leading edge of medicine. He helped pioneer the specialty of Emergency Medicine and, at the same time, also developed and ran one of the first hospital-based Integrative Medicine programs in the Unitied… Read full bio »

2 Responses to "72: A Tem-PLATE for Healthy Meals"

  1. Althea Waites

    Thank you for a very informative program on meals. I wanted to know if egg whites are OK for breakfast. When I have time, I make an omelet with shredded low-fat cheese and diced tomatoes. If I’m in a hurry, I usually have toast and coffee. Do you have any suggestions for me ?

  2. glenn Wollman

    Greetings Althea,
    Thank you for continuing your support of Magical Medical Tour.
    I posed your inquiry to Tracy Harrison. This is her reply:

    Here’s my reply to the Q&A:
    “Good for you for making time for breakfast! I think an omelet is an excellent idea. I would encourage you to eat at least one whole egg. While almost all of the protein in an egg is in the white, almost all of the vital nutrition is in the yolk (e.g. zinc, iron, B6, B12, choline). And obviously your body needs both! I would also encourage you to experiment with a variety of vegetables over time; this will give you a wide array of phytonutrients. Tomatoes are great. Perhaps add some spinach and/or minced sweet pepper? On the days when you’re in a hurry, let me make a MUCH more nutritious suggestion than toast. Consider having a piece of fresh fruit (e.g. apple, pear, peach, cup of berries) and a big handful of nuts (about 1/3 cup e.g. almonds, walnuts). This combination is convenient, easy to take with you if-you-must, and much more balanced in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Enjoy exploring what makes you feel the best!”

    Be well,

    Althea, I hope this helps

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