Inside the Doctors Bag, Where is my appendix?

Episode #74
Sep 17, 13
Podcast Episode
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It has occurred to me that many people do not really know the general location of most of the organs and structures of the body. In this episode we will take a general tour from the skin to within. With this knowledge it might help to figure out certain physical problems.

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Glenn Wollman

Glenn Wollman, MD, has always been at the leading edge of medicine. He helped pioneer the specialty of Emergency Medicine and, at the same time, also developed and ran one of the first hospital-based Integrative Medicine programs in the Unitied… Read full bio »

One Response to "74: Inside the Doctors Bag, Where is my appendix?"

  1. Candice

    I just heard from a friend that her husband had to go into emergency surgery – his colon had literally tied itself into a knot. is that common and is there anything you can do to prevent that

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