Top Five Foods, What’s on Your List?

Episode #76
Oct 1, 13
Podcast Episode
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Join us in a conversation with Tracy Harrison, food and nutrition expert. Today we will learn Tracy’s choices of five healthiest foods. Five foods you would choose to have on an island (if you could only have 5 foods for survival). Five most surprisingly delicious foods, five healthiest herbs or spices and maybe a few more categories if time permits.

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Hosts: Dr. Glenn Wollman, Christina Souza Ma and special guest Tracy Harrison, MS, AADP – Airing Live on Tuesdays @ 10:30am PST (1:30pm EST)

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Tracy Harrison

Tracy helps her clients to become both healthier and happier by making step-by-step, enjoyable, and long-lasting changes. Her mission: to help people to eat on purpose and to live on purpose. And she gets results. Read full bio »

Glenn Wollman

Glenn Wollman, MD, has always been at the leading edge of medicine. He helped pioneer the specialty of Emergency Medicine and, at the same time, also developed and ran one of the first hospital-based Integrative Medicine programs in the Unitied… Read full bio »

2 Responses to "76: Top Five Foods, What’s on Your List?"

  1. Hi Guys!

    Thank you for the wonderful idea to prepare cauliflower. I just so happened to have a happy little head of cauliflower in my fridge waiting to be loved.

    Steamed, then blended with olive oil and a little garlic and pow baby! That was delicious! I can’t wait to get more from the farmers market, This will definitely be a staple in my home.

    • glenn Wollman

      Hi Jennipher,
      Thanks for watching MMT and supporting us with your comments.

      Your recipe sounds great

      Bon appetite

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