TOL 9: Effortless Freedom

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May 1, 12
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Join us on this journey with spiritual teacher, mystic and intuitive healer, Matt Kahn as he shares with us his life’s journey and ways to listen and connect to what is innately within each of us so that we may live with Effortless Freedom.

Hosts: Christina Souza Ma and special guest Matt Kahn – Airing Live on Wed. May 2nd @ 11am PT (2pm ET)

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Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer who travels the world with meditation guide and yoga teacher Julie Dittmar, offering sacred heart wisdom that invites all seekers into the joy of liberated existence. Matt’s spontaneous awakening… Read full bio »

3 Responses to "TOL 9: Effortless Freedom"

  1. Joan

    What do you think about the scale of enlightenment? Steven Sadleir talked about some way of measuring at what level of awakening or enlightenment you’ve achieved. If someone were to attend one of your retreats, do they often become more enlightened and how would I know that I am – when I am?

  2. Elizabeth

    Matt, is there anything I need to know re my sinus infection and what is causing it and what can alleviate it. Is there anything of a specific or general nature that I need to know at this time?

  3. Joan

    What do you think of Neil Dolland Walsh’s book “Conversations with God” (if you’ve read it) and what other books or bodies of work would you recommend for reading materials on this subject? ~ Thanks

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