The Essence of a Baby’s Voice

Episode #18
Jul 25, 13
Podcast Episode
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Language, isn’t it wonderful to communicate with others? We use many forms of language daily. We have voices, facial and physical expressions, and intuitive offerings that we broadcast from moment to moment. The new members of the family of humanity are learning from us how to communicate. A baby is using every form of expression it can find to experiment with communication, before actual words develop, they can share so much! Listening to a baby’s voice can remind us of the fullness and simplicity of speaking in truth.

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Anatara Buckley

Anatara has been offering intuitive readings, “Angel Listenings”, and spiritual counsel for over 25 years to clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Aware of angelic beings communicating with her since her childhood years in Boston, Read full bio »

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