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  1. Cindy

    I think that having the dragon breath prepared during a non confrontational moment is a great idea. I’ve tried similar things when they are upset and it just never works.

  2. going back to the special pillow for the neck. I have a pillow like that and I wake with terrible stiff necks, is this something that I need to have looked at. and I feel like I should sleep with out a pillow altogether, would that be a good idea or would that lead to more stress on the neck?

  3. Kat Robinson

    So enjoyed this! Wonderful!

  4. Lesley Young

    I have known Anatara for about 20 years and she has been truly an Angel in my life. I have experienced many challenges in my life where Anatara has been there to guide me through. She is truly gifted with a huge heart and Amazing an intuition! Thank-you Anatara!


  5. Jenna

    Thanks Christina! I LOVE Matt & Julie!! Matt — how do we ride out these waves of energy that are coming to the planet right now? My sleep patterns and emotions are out of whack and seem to flare with the solar flares…. suggestions for more peace and ease? Trying to be patient and loving through it…..

  6. leigh

    How can we deal with resistance to what is??

  7. Gary Winston

    All I’m getting is a black screen with a revolving circle of white dots?

  8. Do I need to join or sing up for anything to stream live?
    My wife is on today and would love to watch her.

  9. Carrie Martin

    Just listened to Dr. Toni Bark speak about the Body Electric. I really found her interesting, especially her comments about the, did she say fascist (?), nature of the medical and pharmacology industry.

  10. Question for Christine Stevens – can you recommend a drumming practice I can do with my partner?

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