Holding Back Love Denies So Much

Episode #106
Jun 5, 19
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Lets Look at Love again … at how it feels to let yourself Love, or be Loved … you would likely say that it feels wonderful to be feeling Love. That it brings you alive, that you enjoy everything more, that you feel like you belong in a special way. You feel special when you are Loved. You feel special when you Love. When you hold back Love, you are denying all of the pleasures and the blossoming of self that can happen when you let it flow. You actually put the brakes on your own expansion and delight in being. Do you ever hold back Love?

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Anatara Buckley

Anatara has been offering intuitive readings, “Angel Listenings”, and spiritual counsel for over 25 years to clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Aware of angelic beings communicating with her since her childhood years in Boston, Read full bio »

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