HEMA Wellness Presents “Enliven Festival”

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May 15, 12

HEMA Wellness Program Presents “ENLIVEN FESTIVAL 2012!
De-Stress. Nourish. Get Inspired.

Enliven Festival – When merely living isn’t enough and you wish to be radically ALIVE! (Bolded)
Enliven: To make active, vivacious, invigorated or spirited!

Are you ready for profound & lasting transformation while creating radical health, wellness & success in your life? YES? Then join us in a community of like-minded souls at HEMA’s “Enliven Festival” in this 5 day immersion for a transformational experience!

HEMA: Healing + Empowerment + Movement + Ayurveda = ALIVENESS

We are going to ‘raise the roof’ off the Manhattan Beach Marriott, May 18th — 22nd!! Visit EnlivenFestival.com or call 866-436-5621

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